What is a Beard Transplant?

A beard transplant is a procedure where roots are collected from the donor area and transplanted into areas that do not have a beard or the beard is very sparse. A beard has a very important place in the physical appearance of men. Density, color and coverage can be very important. For different reasons, the shape of the beard may be distorted, insufficient or inadequate. A person can also be congenitally beardless. Thanks to technological possibilities, people who want to have a beard look can have this procedure done by seeing specialist physicians. This procedure can be performed on men who have no beard and those with a sparse beard. Beard transplant is needed in cases such as insufficient functioning of hormonal systems, deterioration of the beard structure as a result of accident and trauma, and genetical defects. This process should be done in health institutions that provide quality and professional service. Otherwise, you may face serious health problems while trying to get a beard. Diligent and carefully applied procedures are uncomplicated and satisfactory.

How is a Beard Transplantation done?

The face and neck area is one of the most sensitive areas of our body. For this reason, all kinds of aesthetic and medical procedures to be applied to this area need to be applied with precision. There are some points to be considered before the transplanting process. First, the number of grafts should be determined correctly. The roots of the donor area need to be checked for strength and adhesion rate. Otherwise, the probability of failure of the procedural results is very high. Transplanting should be done with different methods. The transplanting technique should be determined individually. Although beard transplantation seems to be the same as other transplantation procedures, there are fundamental differences. Therefore, this procedure should be performed by trained and expert healthcare professionals. The procedure is applied under local anesthesia. First, roots are collected from the donor area. The collected grafts are sorted. An antiseptic solution is applied to the application area. Roots should be planted at an angle of 15 degrees with the help of a special device. Beard roots should not be transplanted upright like hair roots. Otherwise, a very artificial and unaesthetic appearance will emerge. The procedure can be applied to men of all ages. The procedure does not need to be applied to the entire face. Some people only need local transplanting. Beard transplantation is a procedure that is as important and aesthetically pleasing as hair transplantation. Therefore, it should not be done by institutions that do not know the sensitivity of the application.

Who is suitable for the procedure?

In general, the transplantation process seems to be applicable to almost everyone. Although it is a procedure that is applied with purely aesthetic concerns, there are certain points to be considered. Men who want to have the procedure must meet certain criteria. They should be free of serious skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. General body health should be in place. They should not be addicted to substances such as alcohol and cigarettes. They must have a sufficient donor area in the body for root removal. Their hormone functions should work in a balanced and adequate way. People who meet these conditions can have a beard transplant whenever they want. Beard transplantation is recommended to men who are undergoing cancer treatment, struggling with immune system diseases and have an allergic constitution. A physical examination is performed by the doctor performing the procedure. After this check, it is decided whether you are suitable for the procedure. You can choose this method to have the beard of your dreams.

What Beard Transplantation Methods are available?

There are two different beard transplantation methods used today. They are the Fut and fue techniques. In the fut transplanting method, the grafts are removed surgically. Therefore, incisions and stitches are made during the procedure. The recovery period is long. The complication rate is high. Therefore, it is not a preferred method very often. This procedure is applied when necessary. It is popularly known as a hair root transplant. Since the roots transplanted with this method are made with the same angle in every area, they come out vertically. It doesn’t look natural. Roots emerge in groups of 3 or 5. The Fue beard transplantation method is the method in which the roots are taken one by one and transplanted. Therefore, a completely natural and successful procedure is performed. The roots are trans planted immediately to avoid the possibility of damage to the roots. This ensures that all the collected and transplanted roots emerge in a healthy way. The procedure is usually done with needles with a diameter of 0.7 millimeters. This way skin damage is negligible. Recovery time is short. No skin incision is required. There is no pain during or after the procedure. The degree of pain is minimal. The person can return to his daily life in a short time.

How should grooves be opened in Beard Transplantation?

Two criteria should be taken into account when opening grooves. The first criterion is the direction of the roots and the second criterion is the angle of emergence of the roots. Natural and satisfactory results emerge in line with these considerations. Grooving might not be necessary depending on the transplanting technique used. Thanks to the special pen-shaped device used in the Fue technique, the root groove opening process is performed at the same time as the roots are planted. This prevents the formation of an artificial image. In addition, time is saved and the process is completed in a shorter time. One of the most important steps to be considered in the beard transplantation process is the groove opening phase. Groove opening is a process that can extend the transplanting period by at least 2 hours. Therefore, experts take care to minimize this step as much as possible. The longer the processing time, the higher the cost. Roots collected during groove opening are kept waiting. Root loss may occur. In general, it is not an advantageous step. However, it may be necessary depending on the technique used. It should be applied by professional healthcare professionals.

Things to Consider after Beard Transplantation?

There will be changes in our face after the procedure. Care must be taken to ensure that the healing process goes smoothly. Considerations after a beard transplant can be listed as follows: 1- It is normal to have swelling, redness and bruising for the first 3 days after the procedure. It should not be intervened with, it is expected to pass by itself. 2- Sexual intercourse should be avoided for the first 3 days. Any sudden change in hormones can adversely affect the process. 3- While harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes prolong the healing process, they can also trigger  the development of complications. 4- It is normal to have itching and tenderness on the face. Scratching must be avoided. Otherwise, you may cause the roots to fall out. The face should not be washed for the first 24 hours. Areas such as pools, saunas and Turkish baths should be avoided until the healing process is completed. The face is an area that is exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, regular sunscreens should be used. In addition to these issues, you should comply with the recommendations of your doctor. you must be careful after beard transplantation for the procedure to be successful and the healing process to be completed comfortably.

Can Beard Transplantation Be Done In Cases Like Burn Scars?

Wound and burn scars can cause deterioration of the aesthetic appearance of the human body. The facial area is the most important part of physical aesthetics. While women cover their scars and burns with make-up, men do not have such an opportunity. Therefore, experts have made the beard transplantation process possible by taking this into account. There is a misconception among people. It is thought that burn scars will be completely erased after transplantation. After this process, the burn scar is camouflaged. It is covered thanks to the growing beard. Care should be taken before the procedure. The condition of the skin and blood circulation in the area of ​​the burn scar must be examined. Transplanting should be done in line with these two aspects. Beard transplantation should be done by an expert physician in this area. Wounds and burn marks affect people psychologically. They cause a lack of self-confidence. Such blemishes make people avoid social settings. You should definitely examine the before and after images of the institutions that have had this procedure. Careful research is necessary to avoid pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses. In such cases, the recovery time is short, as local treatment is applied. People can return to their daily life in a short time. The specialist doctor will tell you the rules that you should follow after the procedure. In addition, if a follow-up appointment is made, it should be honored.

Can a Beard Transplant be done together with a Hair Transplant?

One of the most frequently asked questions of men who have had hair transplants is whether beard treatment can be done at the same time. In recent years, this has become possible within the scope of technological possibilities. Hair and beard transplantation are applications that can be done at the same time if the necessary points are paid attention to. The grafts used for the two transplanting techniques are taken from the nape area. Since the donor area is the same, there is no harm in transplanting these roots at the same time. Some steps are applied for the procedure. First, the condition of the hair is examined. The donor area is decided. If the roots are different in tone, it is decided which root to use where. When the procedures are examined in detail, a problem-free transplanting process is performed. This saves time and money. Since the recovery process will be completed in the same period, you do not need to miss your work and social life. The only detail you should not forget at this point is that you should choose a well-equipped health institution where this procedure is performed by a medical professional.

Comments of Those Who Have had a Beard Mustache Transplantation

Beard transplantation ranks first among the medical aesthetic applications that have become popular among men. People are always suspicious of this process. It is always delayed because of how the hair follicle will stand in the face area, whether the result of the procedure will be permanent and situations such as infection. Our country has become a center that ranks first in the world in this regard and is at the top of health tourism. You can have this procedure done without any problems and concerns as a result the innovative service approach of health institutions and the close follow-up of technology. When feedback from men who have had transplants in recent years are examined, it is evident that the satisfaction rates are very high. After paying attention to the selection of the institution, you will not regret anything. Profit seeking organization can transplant men who are not suitable for the procedure. However, since reliable addresses care about human health, they do not perform a procedure that may cause complications. Therefore, you should not rely on non-licensed institutions just because they quote affordable prices.

Beard Transplantation Prices 2022

Procedural costs are not fixed amounts. Due to the increasing demand for transplanting in recent years, this procedure is performed in many health institutions. Therefore, due to the formation of a competitive market and the frequent arrival of foreign patients, procedure prices may change even on a monthly basis. This is why prospective clients for transplanting should definitely get a price offer by meeting with the institution one-on-one. You can be sure that you will receive quality services at affordable costs by making a price-performance comparison. You do not need to make a hasty decision as it is not a medical necessity. We recommend that you do a careful research by considering the material and moral criteria. Since you will use the transplanted beard model for a lifetime, it is very important to get the best treatment. Photographs of people who have had previous procedures in institutions should be examined. You should examine the price and research the center with concrete indicators for the beard transplant process.