What is Dhi Hair Transplantation?

The Dhi hair transplantation method consists of an innovative transplantation process in which hair follicles are collected and transplanted using special implanter pens. Damage to the roots that are collected with implanter pens developed for the procedure is minimal. This method has increased of the success of the transplanting process significantly compared to other methods. Technical knowledge is required to use the Choi pen. Therefore, the procedure must be performed by specialist physicians. Some analyses must be carried out before starting the process. The person’s hair structure, root status, the number of grafts required and the condition of the donor area must be examined. This examination allows an accurate processing plan can be prepared. The method is applied using local anesthesia. DHI hair transplantation has excellent results as long as it is applied at the right organizations.

What are the Features of the Pens (Implanter Pen) Used in the Dhi Method?

Choi implanter pens used for the procedure have some special features. The tip of the pen is shaped in the form of a very sharp micro needle. These needles enable minimum skin damage and maximum root collection. The pens expand the working areas of doctors as it is easy and 6 pens can be used at the same time. These pens allow more than 4 thousand grafts to be transplanted at the same time. The pen tip consists of a 0.5-1.5 millimeter hollow needle. The collected grafts can be kept until they are transplanted without any problems. The criterion that distinguishes the DHI hair transplant method from other techniques is the choi pen.

How is Dhi Hair Transplantation done?

The process is carried out in stages. The first stage is anesthesia. Local anesthesia is applied to the donor area. This loosens and softens the scalp. Hair roots are collected with a choi pen. Several roots can be collected at the same time. The transplanting area is cleaned with a special antiseptic solution. The grafts at the tip of the pen are transplanted in this area at an angle of approximately 45 degrees without the need to open grooves. The method is suitable for dense transplanting. It is an easy and successful application compared to other hair transplantation techniques, as the collection and transplanting the roots are done at the same time. The procedure must be performed by a doctor in a hospital setting. It should not be applied by estheticians in clinics. Since DHI hair transplantation is a special method, it needs to be performed by trained healthcare professionals.

Who can have Dhi Hair Transplantation?

Although the DHI method has been heard about a lot in recent years and is frequently preferred over other techniques, it may not be suitable for every individual. People who want to have a DHI hair transplant should complete their hormonal development. During adolescence, severe hormonal changes can occur. Hair loss due to development may occur. However, the shedding experienced during this period is temporary and new hair grows back. Persons who want to have a transplantation with a Choi pen are required to be over 24 years of age. People with health problems should undergo the necessary medical examinations and give complete information to their doctor. Although the complication rate is almost non-existent, it is a procedure that definitely requires attention. The doctor may say that you are suitable for a hair transplant and give you permission for the procedure.

What are the Advantages of Dhi Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation technique, applied by trained health professionals, offers unique advantages. These advantages can be listed as follows; 1- Since the graft is taken and transplanted without touching the hair root, all the collected roots can be transplanted without any damage. 2- Since minimal damage occurs, bleeding is almost non-existent. This ensure that the healing process is very fast. 3- No intervention is made on the existing hair of the patient. Hair loss can be stopped. 4- The processing time is half compared to other techniques since the groove opening process is not performed. 5- The collected roots are transplanted immediately without waiting.

The Best Dhi Hair Transplant Centers

There has been a significant increase in the number of centers in recent years as a result of the intense demand for hair transplantation procedures. Due to its successful implementation in our country, thousands of people from abroad prefer our country for hair transplants every year. This has caused competition between centers to increase. Competition has also caused fluctuations in service quality. Some criteria must be taken into consideration to choose the best DHI hair transplant center for the procedure. The comments of people who have had the procedure should be read. The relevant clinic should be questioned to check whether the pens used in the clinic are real choi pens. Some clinics may promote regular punch pens as choi pens. Therefore, take care to choose a reliable center for DHI hair transplantation.

Dhi Hair Transplantation Prices 2022

The problem of hair loss and baldness has become a common problem of men and women. Non-permanent techniques generate very serious costs. This has made transplanting a frequently preferred process. The fact that the sector has become a market has put clinics in a position that enables them to manifest their own price policies which they offer to their patients. The results of various researches have determined the factors that are effective in determining the prices of the DHI hair transplantation method. The number of pens used for the process, the location of the transplanting center, the number of roots to be planted is effective in determining the price of the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dhi Hair Transplants

The most popular transplanting method in recent years is frequently researched and wondered about. The rate of preference and research is increasing because the results of the procedure have clear differences compared to other techniques. We have searched for answers to frequently asked questions of the popular DHI hair transplant procedure for you. People who want to have hair transplants can read our article to find the answers to the questions in their minds and to be assured about the procedure.

What Causes Hair Loss?

The genetic factors of people differ from each other. Therefore, the causes of hair loss are not the same either. However, the causes of hair loss we encounter frequently are genetically familial baldness, vitamin and mineral deficiency, an unsuitable and unbalanced diet, excessive consumption of alcoholic products, sudden hormonal changes, pregnancy, childbirth and skin diseases. Permanent and temporary hair loss may occur as a results of any of the reasons we have listed. Thanks to the DHI hair transplant technique, a successful transplant can be performed regardless of the reason for shedding. This method not only helps new hair grow, it also prevents existing hair from falling out. You can prefer this procedure if you have a tendency for hair loss.

Is Age a factor?

There is an age limit for the procedure. The method is recommended for people between the ages of 24-65. Serious hair loss can occur for different and temporary reasons for those outside this age limit. Therefore, the doctor’s advice must be heeded and transplanting should be done at the right time. In particular, sudden hormonal changes can cause transplanted hair follicles to be damaged and shed. It is necessary to pay attention to these limits so that the result of the procedure is not affected and no complications occur during the procedure. DHI hair transplantation is rarely performed with the approval of the doctor after the necessary blood tests are done. A detailed examination and research is recommended.

How Long does Dhi Hair Transplanting take?

The duration of the transplanting process is not fixed. The number of roots to be transplanted changes as a result of criteria such as the application of anesthesia, the dexterity of the person performing the procedure, and the success of using the special choi pen. Generally speaking, 10 hours would be a ballpark figure. However, according to the criteria we have listed, it is possible to complete the procedure in a shorter or longer time. People who have a very busy work pace and who have problems allocating time can get detailed information by contacting a specialist doctor. People who want to save time should choose to have the DHI hair transplanting technique instead of other techniques.

How long does it take to get new hair?

Genetically, people’s hair structure and hair growth time are different. The period of hair growth after the procedure can also differ from person to person. In general, hair growth after the procedure takes around 8-12 months. There are two main purposes of performing care after transplanting. Nourishes the roots and they become durable and grow faster. Fast hair growth techniques can be performed with the right care. You can shorten the hair growth process by following the hair care recommendations offered by your doctor after the procedure. This will help you get the hair of your dreams in a short time.

Can the Dhi procedure be done more than once?

The procedure can be repeated if the expected hair growth rate does not occur after transplantation. A repeat procedure can be done after a physical examination by the doctor to check whether the scalp is suitable for the procedure, the condition of the donor area and the health of the roots. After these checks are done, the second DHI hair transplant is done with the approval of the doctor. An average of 12 months should pass between the two procedures. The scalp and donor area should recover during this period after the first transplanting process and prepare for the new transplanting process. This will enable the new roots to grow faster after the second transplant. People who are considering having a second transplanting session should tell their doctor about this request.

How Long Does Hair Grow with a Dhi Hair Transplant?

The growth of hair after the transplantation process is the same as that of the existing hair. Under normal conditions, a person’s hair grows at a rate of 1-1.5 centimeters per month. Growth can be increased with the right care. You can have the long hair you dream of in a short time if you use the right hair care products. It is necessary to have treatment at regular intervals, use salt-free shampoo and nourish the hair with natural hair care oils. Hair grows from the  root to the tip. However, oxygen is transferred from the end to the root. Therefore, it is necessary to have a haircut regularly when hair splits. The growth rate of roots that get enough oxygen is very good. DHI hair transplantation is a method that supports hair growth.

Is Dhi Hair Transplant Suitable for Everyone?

It is a technique that is suitable for every individual who is in good health, has a donor area and is over 24 years of age. The physician decides after making the necessary checks to determine who is suitable for the procedure. Therefore, if you are faced with baldness as a result of hair loss, you can find out whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure by talking to your doctor. The DHI hair transplantation technique is a comfortable and trouble-free procedure that can be applied to almost every individual compared to other methods.

What will the New Hair look like? Will it be manageable?

If the direction of the roots is determined correctly and the angle of hair growth is 45 degrees, the appearance of the new hair will be the same and as natural as the existing hair. Inexperienced people cannot determine the direction of the roots accurately during root transplanting. This results in a fake and prosthetic looking hair. Such hair will be unmanageable after transplanting. However, hair growth can be controlled by adjusting the direction and angle of the hair while performing the procedure. Therefore, the selection of the center and the health personnel who will perform the procedure is of great importance. You should not choose inexperienced people for a DHI hair transplant.